Student National & International Fellowship Opportunities

Welcome to the Office of Fellowships! Explore the range of national and international undergraduate and post-baccalaureate fellowships and scholarships for students and recent alumni who desire to enhance and further their education.

Meet Pitzer’s Most Recent Awardees!

Mark Perez Navarro, Political Studies, ‘24

Mark is Pitzer’s first Pickering Foreign Affairs Graduate Fellowship recipient! As one of 45 select fellows, Mark will specialize in international security and U.S. foreign policy during his fellowship, preparing him for a significant role in foreign affairs.

Zhané Moledina
Organizational Studies, Political Studies, ’25

As Pitzer’s Gilman Scholarship recipient, Zhané will spend a semester abroad through Pitzer’s Costa Rica program advancing her language skills while gaining perspectives on Costa Rican politics, economics, and the environment.

Taeya Boi-Doku, Environmental Analysis ’24

“Reclaiming Afroecology: Indigenous Technology & Food Sovereignty”
Taeya’s project addresses the rapid loss of knowledge on Ghanaian indigenous foods and their cultivation, medicinal plants, and traditional agricultural techniques. Taeya seeks to reconnect this severed link in traditional knowledge by creating and implementing agroforestry gardens called “living libraries” across rural and suburban sites.

Jansikwe Medina-Tayac, Media Studies ’25 Alexander Rodriguez, Sociology ’24

“The Mama Ceiba Peace Project”
Alexander & Jansikwe merge their studies in this oral history and cinematic documentation project that seeks to explore and preserve the formation of Taìno women’s indigenous identities and culture throughout the Dominican Republic.

Taeya Boi-Doku, Environmental Analysis ’24

With support from the Napier Initiative, Taeya will work with an Eco-Village in Mankrong, Ghana. Her skills in sustainable gardening, water management and solar electrical systems will be shared with a team of people who will build regenerative gardenss for local food production. In workshops and classes, her techniques will reach a wide audience in Ghana.

Our Office

Knowledgeable advisors at Pitzer College assist candidates through the selection and application process for scholarships, grants and fellowships. Students are encouraged to investigate options early in their academic careers and may learn a language, live abroad or complete an independent study project for credit as an undergraduate. 

Our Guidance

Our goals are to help you identify the best-suited fellowship opportunities, develop a compelling application, collaborate on personal statements and proposals, and support your personal growth while providing a valuable learning experience during the application process!

Whether you’re a freshman or recent alumni, we encourage you to stop by our office or schedule an appointment to learn more.

For Appointments, Contact:

Dr. Noosha Malek, Director of Fellowships
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